1. Mar 1 2014

    New video Erika Fans!

    Hi! Terry Studge is running for Best Actor as a write-in candidate. it’s legal! Can you vote for him? You’re Robin Williams or a sound engineer, right? Or Are you BOTH Robin Williams AND a sound engineer? Great!

  2. Dec 15 2010

    GET A JOB ERIKA - Mouthpiece 


    Abuse of power and ventriloquism.  Two things that caused current economic meltdown. 

    Featuring Rob Lathan

  3. Dec 14 2010

    Hey ERIKA fans!

    The season finale is tomorrow! 

    Wednesday December 15.

  4. Dec 8 2010

    GET A JOB ERIKA - Lifeguard

    Become a Lifeguard! Sun, Surf, Sand, and Flashbacks. Debilitating Flashbacks.

    Featuring Shannon O’Neill

  5. Dec 1 2010

    GET A JOB ERIKA - Museum Guard

    When resolving an issue ask yourself:  Can yelling solve this problem? (YES, ALWAYS.)

    Featuring Eddie Dunn

  6. Nov 24 2010

    Thanksgiving break for Erika. But please enjoy some “I Never Miss” outtakes.

  7. Nov 17 2010

    GET A JOB ERIKA - Killer Whale

    Some people have cats.  He has a whale.

    Featuring Timothy Dunn

  8. Nov 10 2010

    GET A JOB ERIKA - I Never Miss

    Standard interview question:  Do you ever play Jordan vs. Bird?

    Featuring Brian Barrett

  9. Nov 3 2010

    GET A JOB ERIKA - Classified

    Responsibilities include coordinating counter-terrorism operations and date night.  

    Featuring Will Hines

  10. Oct 27 2010

    GET A JOB ERIKA - Proofreader

    A manual for a job interview? Yes.

    Featuring Christine Nangle



A web series about interviews gone bad, awkward and illegal.

Erika is looking for a job, anywhere.
The only thing standing in her way?
The unstable people interviewing her.

New episodes every Wednesday.

Written & Created by
Carolyn Dempsey
Dylan Snowden

Directed by
Brandon Bassham

Emily Strachan as Erika

Will Hines
Shannon O'Neill
Rob Lathan
Christine Nangle
Timothy Dunn
Brian Barrett
Eddie Dunn

Audio and Original Music
James Leggero

Ben Stoddard

Production Assistant
Drake Miller

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